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If you've made it to this page, then I think we are off to a good start! 

Let's schedule an initial session to get to know each other and see if we'd like to work together on your health and wellness.


Let's Schedule A Chat Shall We?

A Time Dedicated to You

Free Consultation Includes:

  • 50 minutes 

  • Clarifying your health and wellness goals

  • Discovering the motivation behind those goals 

  • Discussing your unique needs, lifestyle and preferences to determine how I can best support you in achieving those goals

I'll explain my tailor-made approach which will be curated based on you: 

  • One person's food is another person's poison

  • The connection between the nourishment on your plate and the nourishment in your life

  • The riddle behind what your cravings are telling you

  • The importance of communicating with your body and gaining confidence that you are its number 1 expert

*All sessions are kept confidential 

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