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Friends Eating Dinner

"Our life begins with what we GET, 

Our life breathes with what we GIVE.


I want you to feel your best, for you,
so that you can give your best
for others." 


- Roxane Cokas

The GetGiver

Wellness tips, recipes, health product discounts and more... from me to you 

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Ignite your POWER again
nourish . play . create . connect

Super Health Food


Kale, broccoli, gluten-free, blerg blerg blerg. We've heard it all before - to eat or not to eat. But what kind of nourishment is YOUR body craving? And why? Let's  deconstruct cravings and develop a deeper understanding of the nourishment that works best for you.


To move. To breathe. To play! Our bodies want to be in action - not in pause mode. What gets you going? For me, it is a high intensity Muay Thai session. For others, it might be a slow and steady yoga class. By finding what feels like play, for you, you'll never 'work' out another day in your life. 


Real wellness has to do with more than just the food on our plate, but also a strong emphasis on how we nourish our bodies away from the kitchen - our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Those, along with food, are life’s nutrients. By connecting with others, we can better connect the dots. 


Growth comes from creation. Creation comes from problem solving - we all do it on a daily basis. Together, we can figure out how to tap into your creativity when you need it the most - to develop, flow with change, and ignite excitement.



Gourmet Meal

Nick C

"Anything that has to do with health and coaching right away puts me on the defensive… Heebie Jeebie magic I used to call it. I have been to many other “experts” in this field and usually find it either a way for a practitioner of sorts to sell me something or a practitioner who says they can heal cancer if only… I learned long ago not trust anyone when it comes to my health and food. 

However, Roxane Hayward’s – The GetGiver – has made all the difference in approach and now it all makes sense. It is a sensible, non-hyperbolic approach to health and better yet, integrated living. She does not try and sell anything other than a practical tailor-made system towards improved overall health. 

I love that it is not ALL about food. That makes me obsessed. But her approach handles the entire body and soul which allows for great consistency + sustainability + longevity in living a full and abundant healthy life."

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